Drawing from the Well, 12/6/16

For an introduction to the series, read this.

Today we continue unpacking the article on salvation in my church’s statement of faith, based on the Baptist Faith and Message:

State of Faith Article for the Week


Glorification is the culmination of salvation and is the final blessed and abiding state of the redeemed. At the point of glorification, being achieved only after this life, the believer will be perfectly righteous, like his Lord. Thus, he will dwell with his Creator and Lord for all eternity.

Thoughts for Discussion with Children

You have heard before that we should glorify God. In fact, that is what we were made for: to give glory to God. God made all things for his own glory, and so everything we do should ultimately be for that greatest of all purposes.

But did you know that God also glorifies us? Several verses in the Bible teach this, one of which is Romans 8:28-29. Read those verses. What do you think it means for God to glorify us?

It doesn’t mean exactly the same thing that it means for us to glorify God. For example, we glorify God by worshiping him, but God does not glorify us by worshiping us! How then does he glorify us? Here’s the difference: we glorify God when we praise him for how wonderful he is; God glorifies us by making us like his Son Jesus. And when he makes us like Jesus, he takes great joy in what he has done. He makes us glorious so that we will be able to praise him forever. He glorifies us, in other words, so that we may glorify him.

And that means, if we are believers, we will be like Jesus one day, and that includes being raised from the dead like Jesus. Just as he has overcome death and has a new body that will never be touched by sickness, pain, weakness, or death again, so will we one day. What God started in us through regeneration, he will complete through glorification.


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