The Advantage of Attending a Baptist Seminary

Every decision to enroll in one seminary is a decision not to enroll in all of the others. Necessarily, then, the process of choosing a seminary is one that involves choosing certain advantages that one school offers over other advantages that another school offers. As one who attended a Baptist seminary, I want to make a case for one major advantage of choosing that option. Continue reading


The Sacraments: Divine or Human Acts? (Part 3)

See Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already.

I have previously argued that the sacraments/ordinances are not primarily to be considered acts of God by which he confers grace to us (as he does through the preaching of his Word), but rather human responses of faith to the Word of God that has been preached. In particular, I considered how Scripture speaks of baptism in the last post. Today I will focus on the Lord’s Supper. Continue reading

Should I Enroll in Seminary?

Some denominations, specifically those with a more centralized governing structure, require a seminary degree prior to ordination to ministry. Baptist churches, and those in the baptistic tradition, lacking any centralized denominational authority, leave ordination to the decision of local churches. This means that, for ministry candidates in Baptist and baptistic churches, seminary is an option, not a requirement, for ministry preparation. Since it is an option, it is one that must be evaluated, and I offer here some guidance on how to evaluate it. Continue reading

The Sacraments: Divine or Human Acts? (Part 2)

In part 1 of this series I outlined various positions on this question, including the historic Baptist position that affirms that the Word and the sacraments/ordinances are not simply variant forms of the same thing. Instead, we should understand the ordinances as God-ordained human acts that represent faith responses to the preaching of the Word. We do receive blessings through them, but they are the blessings of obedience, not passive reception.

Is this view of the ordinances biblically defensible? I believe that it is.

Continue reading

Should I Vote for Donald Trump?

I am writing this post, not in my role as a pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, but as a private citizen who thinks a lot about politics and its intersection with the Christian faith. What I offer here is advice on how I have thought through a particular dilemma, with the recognition that other faithful Christians may reason differently and come to a different conclusion.

As we face the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, it looks like the two major candidates will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This is how I have assessed the situation so far: Continue reading

Trump vs. Clinton: What Are Our Options?

With the presumptive presidential nominees of the two major political parties virtually determined at this point, Christians (and conservatives more broadly) are now faced with a dilemma: both candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have serious moral shortcomings, not only in their own lives but also in their political philosophies, that appear to render them both unfit for office. What are our options as voters in this situation? Basically, there are four: Continue reading